Sunday, December 9, 2012

facebook likes & twittter followers

likes and tweeters. we covet them. we pursue them. we are probably sad when we have an un "like" or a de-"tweet".

is any of it meaningful?

(from the socialskinny)

what facebook pages did you like last week? how about yesterday? don't check your page. you can't remember can you.

are you following 1000 @twitters.what's number 237 doing? right now. you don't know. if you are honest with yourself you probably don't care.

so right after you "like" the mentalogica page and follow @mentalogica on twitter. go read a book. some of you will remember them. they are those head or hand sized things with paper and words and titles. but please; books about vampires or zombies are not allowed.

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