Thursday, December 27, 2012

what readers want

the short answer: nobody knows. traveling the internet world of experts gives a wide range of opinions:

  • good content (what's that)
  • personal stories (not really anyone's business, unless empathy increases readership. then we're all for it)
  • solve the readers problems (you don't have any of those, right?)
  • publish regularly
  • don't publish too regularly; it's confusing (thank you dueling experts; and one of them is condescending. really, too confusing. come on, we live in 3 second attention spans. more, more, more...)
  • respond to comments (this one we believe)
  • anticipate what the readers want (psychics have their own blogs)
  • tell the readers what they want (we really like this one)

    we are certain we can give the reader what they want. just tell us in the comments. no magic. no guessing.

    you know it would be a cool experiment. you offer a topic. we here at mentalogica noodle about a bit. give an opinion. see if we can make somemone angry (or happy).

    our intent is to serve our interests while integrating yours.

    how 'bout that: no links.

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