Friday, December 14, 2012

What could replace Facebook?

just because one day the company may claim 1 billion users does not make it invulnerable. there was a time when we all traveled by horse. and certainly the industries built around the use of horses fought to keep the automobile off the streets.

right now facebook may consider itself unbreakable. but why would you spend a billion dollars on instagram. say what you may. you wanted to eliminate a threat.

so much of what goes out into that world is unread, unconsidered, and unloved. much as what we type here today.

what will replace or really challenge the large social media companies.

let us suggest it will be very small social media companies. sites for your neighborhood. not just groups lost in a social media ocean. but a social site just for your maple street neighborhood. no one else sees it. it only concerns people you see every day.

and when you can't talk right away you can strengthen your community online at

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