Tuesday, December 25, 2012

instagram versus your photo

we found this over at digitaltrends.com. read it.

we want you to stay informed. privacy evolves almost daily in todays digital world.

imagine you sent family pictures to aunt sally. she then uses your photos to earn money from your face. for some reason your face is perfect for their new label. a label covering a salsa jar, a juice bottle, whatever you can imagine.

now, is this the same problem instagram faces?

who owns the profit gained from your picture?

some of these concerns must involve a right to privacy. some CEO's (fb) want you to believe those days are over; that privacy is a bygone concept. it seems unlikely that all or even most of us believe this. but we seem unable to restrain ourselves. we trot our lives out to the internet. and then are mad when everyone knows our business.

you owe it to yourself to think about your posts, your comments, your uploaded photos. gather some wisdom and filter your choices. be smarter with your words and pictures. and much of this won't matter to you. make a choice. have an opinion.

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