Tuesday, December 18, 2012

you give - instagram takes

perhaps your likeness will give instagram its next baby food star or wheaties box. you gave away your privacy when you made your picture available to the public. And 100 million users most definitely makes a "public".

there is no right or cause to complain. if you don't want your life in everyone's face then stop putting it there. let instagram have its candy. it will take millions of you to leave before instagram would care. until millions abandon the platform your complaints have these equivalents:

Said at McDonalds: I'm never eating here again

Said at WalMart: I'm never shopping here again.

we guess that if 10,000,000 leave then maybe the photo sharing site will not use your picture to their benefit.

remember the first purpose of any business is profit. so there is profit in your pictures. just not for you.

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