Monday, January 21, 2013

contemplating zero

i think that most of us are afraid. we are afraid we make the wrong choice for a major. we are afraid we'll choose the wrong career. the wrong second job. the wrong go back to school degree. the wrong mortgage.

you get the idea

it seems to me advice experts want you to see opportunity in failure. a new sun rising over the mountain brightening a day of hope and possibility.

you know what failure is just what we should think it is

it means our idea was bad. our plan was bad. our widget was a disaster

failure is not the hope of the new. it is the reasonable abandonment of a stupid choice. a terrible decision.

own your failure. reject it. and forget about. get back on the horse. stand after your fall. dust yourself off. start over. embrace the emotional or physical pain of your mistake. make it a part of who you are

and please don't do something stupid twice. some single actions won't offer you any recovery. if i can't say dumb things on my own blog, then why have it.

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