Thursday, January 17, 2013

thinking about childish behavior

today's post inspired by some foot stomping i overheard round the corner from where i am sitting.

the matter leading to the tantrum carries no importance. i just wanted to type and think about the incident for a bit.

imagine the last time you didn't get your way. how did you respond? there was a pout on your face. you had to surpress it. only children pout. you alomst stomped your foot. you had to hold your self still. only children stomp their feet.

i think that these behaviors never really leave our lives. we just modify them. now instead of body language which sends a clear communication. and offers the possibility for real discussion, we engage in "grown-up" behaviors. passive aggressive actions. saying and not doing. nodding our heads while we both ignore what is said and plan to undermine the other person.

the withhold of relevant emotional and intellectual information is a damaging practice. those who lead find themselves resented and disrepected for such practices. those who follow find they kick against brick unable to advance there cause or intentions

i imagine most of us would initially become tired of a workplace that fills up with phrase like: "that makes me feel sad" "how do you feel about this" and so on.

yet in a workplace that encourages and does not punish such discussion, i suspect many of us would grow to love and expect this culture. eventually finding that we cannot work in any other such environment. is conflict and its resolution encouraged wher you work? or suppressed?

welcome the opportunity to say what you really feel. find some freedom. and please prepare your thoughts and offer solutions. complaining without answers is just whining.

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  1. I like that! I think it is true, I don't stomp my foot anymore. I just think of ways to hit back at the person who made me mad, or 'upset' in this case.