Friday, January 11, 2013

what? i have to wait 10 seconds! i'm gone!

if you want to know what the goldfish are about, just read the last bit of the post.
i saw an article suggest we would tolerate 2 seconds of delay for a video. the idea is if we have to wait 2 seconds we pick another video. that seemed a ridiculous assertion to me. so i waded through the paper a bit. it will take a lot more than then ten minutes i just gave it. so after you click the link don't bother reading the article. none of us are smart enough to get it.

here's a quote:

Viewers watching videos on a better connected computer or device have less patience for startup delay and so abandon sooner. For instance, a viewer with fiber broadband connectivity is 38.25% more likely to abandon sooner during startup than a similar viewer with mobile connectivity.

so if were on the old Galaxy, Nexus, iPhone or whatever we'll wait.

if were on fiberoptic cable internet we have the attention span of a goldfish (really, really short).

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