Tuesday, January 22, 2013

it is what it is

this is such a defeatist idea and cliche. i hope most of us realize it is a cliche. a trite meaningless expression. something that lets us connect and commiserate with each other.

first lets consider what is negative in this phrase. and then as i plan to do in all cases, lets consider the power for good such sad statements can effect in our lives

ok. what's negative. this "it is" speaks of surrender to me. some may suggest that the comment merely resigns to the past and the unalterable. i suggest that thinking this way also colors our future. and the colors are gray and black and beige. (you know boring, austere colors. don't get me wrong the black and gray are my colors of choice. i always look slightly dressed up. good for my image.)

if my filters to the past color my perspective hopeless, don't you suppose that same filter blinds my sight to hopes, opportunities, and possibilities ahead.

the positives. "it is" because i can do more. i can look at the past and accept my chance for improvement. "it is what it is" this is my chance to create deliberative future actions that shapes the "it" to my vision for life, hope, and happiness. sure something went badly or horribly wrong. redefine the past to terms that positively effect the future. sure these trite platitudes i spout may annoy you. but come on you folks with the half full glasses love this stuff. we all should. emotional response is a choice for most of us. make yours a choice you can live with in your "what it is" present".

a graphic i decided fits my post

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